Digitizing Services

Sew & Sew Embroidery is an industry leader in creating unique, award winning embroidered logos.  
We offer over 25 years in-house experience in creating quality digitized embroidery logos for
corporate, school, standard embroidery, puff embroidery and sequin embroidery.  We can also
transform you art into an unique rhinestone design, appliqué logo and more - there are no limits to
our capabilities!

We sample every design before production to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  We also offer
free email
samples as another way to proof your logo quickly.

Our talented staff can take almost any logo and make it a beautiful embroidered design.  To do so, we
suggest starting with high quality artwork.  We suggest clients work with Adobe Illustrator, EPS or
other black and white line art for best results with embroidery.

See our first place finish in our first and only national embroidery competition entry:

1st Place Award
Cap Category
Investment Hunters Safari-Themed
Guides to Wealth
Stitches Magazine

Honorable Mention
Outstanding Embroidery Design Category
Guides to Wealth
Impressions Magazine

Please contact customer service to learn more about Sew & Sew Embroidery's award winning design

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NEWS link, which provides trade magazine
articles featuring Sew & Sew Embroidery.
Sew & Sew wins 1st Place in National Stitch-Off
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