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    TrueSizer is a Free universal file conversion tool offering full compatibility between
    industrial and domestic embroidery file formats, as well as full design scalability.

    It allows you to:
  • Open native Wilcom EMB files
  • Read and convert many popular industrial and home expanded/condensed file formats
  • View designs in TrueView and normal stitch view
  • Scale designs
  • Email EMB files direct
  • Print out production worksheets
  • Make sales presentations and sales printouts
  • Save designs in Wilcom EMB format
  • Save designs in many industrial and home expanded machine formats
  • Output to embroidery disk

    *Sew & Sew provides this 3rd party link for your convenience and is not liable for any support or technical
    issues with TrueSizer.  Please see vendors website for full product details.
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