Rhinestones, Rhinestuds & Nailheads

A colorless artificial gem of paste or glass, often with facets that sparkle in imitation of a diamond.  
Because rhinestones could be made to imitate diamonds, the name rhinestone was applied to
artificial gems made from paste, glass, or gem quartz and as a result often carries a connotation of
showbiz glitz or bling!

Rhinestones offer a great alternative decorating process for client's wanting a glitzy, 'bling' effect to
their logo.  They are often used for team wear, schools, resorts, clubs, bars, and in the corporate

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Round Stud, Hot Fix Glitter, Hot Fix Sequins, Korean Rhinestones, Lead Free Stones, Nailheads, Neon
Rhinestuds, Rhinestuds, Swarovski Crystals - Colourts, Effects, and Hot fix Transparent, click below:

Acrylic Rhinestone: Acrylic rhinestones are lead free.  Lighter than traditional glass stones.  Acrylic
rhinestone is more enduring and cheaper.  Try some out and add a streak of elegance to your
wardrobe.  Acrylic rhinestone will serve as your best choice for accessories.

Antique Metal: Antique Metal, which is the heavy metal stud made of brass material, produces
weathered rustic appearance.  Sew & Sew has both premier antique metal and classic ones. The
former is made in Korean and the latter is made in China. They look the same but differ in quality, to
meet the different demands of our customers. Antique metal comes in various shapes, most of them
are round, just like round Nailheads or half round, that’s what we call copper domes in Sew & Sew
color, whose sizes are from 3mm to 10mm, and the others are in squares, rectangles, triangles,
stars, hearts, skulls, crosses and so on.  Different sizes are available for the same shape.  The
frequently used colors are anti-silver, anti-gold, anti-brass anti-copper and anti-bronze.

C-Stone: C-STONE is  a new, flat, hot-fix rhinestone developed  in 2012 and is now a part of the Sew
& Sew inventory.  Unlike the traditional Korean cut stone, which has only 8 facets in the most popular
sizes, the Sew & Sew in those same sizes, has 10  facets that are all the same size.  Larger C-
Stones have 14 facets also all the same size.  This new cutting method, where each facet cut is the
same as every other one, makes the stone more luminous and more brilliant than a Korean stone.  
Swarovski  stones, for example, have 14 facets, but 7 are narrow and 7 are wide in an alternating
pattern. This Xillion pattern is patented and cannot be duplicated but can be approximated and that
is what the C-Stone creators have attempted to accomplish. The C-Stone’s new pattern will be a new
trend in the world of rhinestones.  It approaches the look of Swarovski without approaching the cost.

DMC Stones: DMC stones, or named as the Machine Cut Stones have a shiner and stronger backing
than regular stones by its better cutting and glue process.  Those who have ever used Swarovski or
Czech stones before will think Korean stones are not that glittery even though price is low.  Thus
DMC stones are their better choice. Please notice that our DMC stones differ from those MC or
Chinese AAA stones.  Our stones are of better quality in the consistent color, shape and glue.

Half Round Studs: Half round is a kind of material which is made of aluminium.  It is similar to
rhinestuds and Nailheads, but with round and raised surface.  With the solid (not hollow) backing
glue, it can stay on the garments better.  Sew & Sew has two kinds of half round.  One has brilliant
surface which will show more glitter.  The other has matte surface.  This can bring you the decorous
image and will be more fashionable. The process of how to iron them on is same to the hot fix

Hot Fix Glitters: You may know well about the glitter printing.  It sparkles and shines like stars.  But
the high setup fee for printing may be a barrier to your project.  Sew & Sew provides Glitter Transfers
with glues on backing now!  It is like a paper and we can cut it to any reasonable shapes with the
Laser machine.  Combination with stones would be a very good idea for your next project.

Hot Fix Sequins: The normal sequins that we know well are typically the sew-on varieties.  But not
everyone has a production sequin embroidery machine to do that process.  Any solutions? YES!  
There is glue on the back of our hot fix sequins so they can be applied to fabric with a heat press
machine as you would a patch or a transfer.  The hot fix sequins are threaded together in lines, so it
is an excellent product for simple lettering, as an outline around a design or as a filler in regular
shapes. Sequins combined with glitter and stones are designer’s favorites.  Sew & Sew does have a
multi-head sequin machine as well if you are interested in the directly embroidered sequin option!

Korean Rhinestones: Sew & Sew Korean Stones are our best-selling Bling product.  All stones are
pure, and depending upon the size, has either 10 or 12 facets along with very strong glue.  They are
the mainstream in the hot fix crystal industry.  With proper application, Korean stones will withstand
a minimum of 30-40 washings with no glue failure or color fading.  You can choose from as many as
26 colors and 7 sizes.

Lead Free Stones: The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 is a United
States law signed on August 14, 2008.  The legislation reduces the amount of total lead content in
children's products to:

600 ppm by 10 February 2009
300 ppm by 14 August 2009
100 ppm by 14 August 2011

These lead free stone are tested by the authoritative Testing Institute in China and America and lead
contents are less than 90 PPM, which qualifies this product for Children under the age of 12.

Nailheads: The same as rhinestuds, Nailheads are mental made as well.  With the round dome, it
gives you more choices in decorating . Nailheads have more sizes from 1.5MM to 16MM.

Neon Rhinestuds: Neon rhinestuds are a new trend in 2012.  Different from traditional rhinestuds,
Neon rhinestuds feature brilliant glamour and fresh colors.  It boasts the shining feature of
rhinestone with a much cheaper price.

Rhinestuds: Hot fix rhinestuds are made of mental and are free of lead.  It has 8 facets for sizes 2MM-
3MM and 16 facets for size above 4MM.  Thus even it is not transparent like stones, you get bright,
shining effect as well.  Rhinestuds are good substitute when your designs in stones cost too much.

Swarovski Crystals - Colourts, Effects, Hot Fix Transparent :  Flat Blacks Hot fix (HF) are loose
crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. Flat
Blacks HF can be easily applied by heat to a range of textile carrier materials and produce a durable
and long lasting crystal effect.  Flat Blacks HF are available in multitude of colors, shapes and cuts.
The most important single item in this production group is the XILION Rose - the most brilliant cut on
the market.
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