Thread Chart

Sew & Sew Embroidery carries a large inventory of stock embroidery thread colors.  We prefer
Madeira Polyester threads for its colorfast, wash durability and bleach resistant characteristics.  We
do carry and reference all thread manufacturers in production.

Below is our current thread inventory list, with the current stock colors highlighted in yellow.

* Verify all thread colors with actual color cards

Last updated: 12/07/2020   

Manufacturers Product and Washing Instructions

Due to its resistance to Chlorine*, Madeira Polyester thread is the ideal embroidery thread for stonewash
items, those with frequent staining or requiring frequent or heavy duty washing / laundering.  
Recommended for sportswear, swim wear, children's wear, and work wear including hotel, catering and
food trade items.

*Recommended for chlorine treatment:
  • active chlorine: max. 20 g CL/liter
  • temperature: max. 30 degree C
  • time of treatment: max. 30 minutes

Washing Instructions

Never leave damp embroidered items folded or pressed together.  Do not tumble dry unless the item has
been thoroughly rinsed.
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